Putin and Biden speak out on nuclear deal

The United Nations (UN) met this August 1st to analyze the agreement on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons treaty (NPT). The agreement would expire in 2020 but, due to the pandemic, it was renewed until 2026. Thus, in front of the world’s gaze on the issue, the leaders of the main nations that have nuclear […]

Apple sued again for anti-competitive practices

Apple’s stance on the exclusivity of its products and services is nothing new. Systems developed for devices are generally only compatible with each other, which is part of the company’s macro policy. So it’s not the first time that underlying companies that want to make their products available to users of Apple’s products, like the […]

Cryptocurrency company detects theft of more than $190 million

Earlier this August, cryptocurrency company Nomad suffered a cyber attack that cost $190 million. The company only stated on Twitter that it was “aware of the accident” and would investigate. In fact, the information was provided by the company PeckShield, which researches cryptocurrencies. Theft and developments The theft that cost nearly $200 million worth of […]

Taliban and US negotiate funds in exchange for human rights

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in 2021 ended a 20-year period of US control of the region. The period began with President George Bush’s so-called “War on Terror”. Now, the government of the extremist group seeks to recover the country’s assets distributed in financial institutions in the western world. The country faces financial crisis, hunger […]

Tunisia votes in referendum that threatens Arab spring victories

The waves of regression to conservatism are emanating across the world, and this is no different in North Africa and the Middle East. The region, which just over 10 years ago had its democracies established by the Arab Spring, now suffers from the specter of the return of dictatorships. The cause is the same as […]

Australia has high inflation and RBA undergoes restructuring

As in most of the world, Australia has seen rising interest rates and ongoing inflation. This situation is still a reflection of the Covid-19 pandemic, which shook the economies of countries in a localized and globalized way. The general context is also not very encouraging. The world is currently going through financial, energy and social […]

China’s harsh policy against new Covid-19 epidemic causes dissatisfaction

China has returned with full force to measures to block activities after a new wave of contamination by Covid-19. In order to contain a new epidemic, the country has spared no effort to insure itself against worse consequences. However, this new stoppage, which has been going on since March 2022, has left the population unsatisfied. […]

Europe faces fires across the territory

Summer in Europe has arrived quite aggressively in 2022. The heat wave that started in southern Europe brought fires and destruction and is now heading towards Great Britain. Temperatures exceed 40ºC and the population suffers from the lack of structure. The EU has already declared a state of emergency and recognizes that more than half […]

Netflix rethinks strategies after drop and increases investment in production franchises

Netflix has revolutionized the way of consuming entertainment around the world in the recent past. The movement has disrupted the complexity of Hollywood, established decades ago and thought to be untouchable. The streaming service has become the new way to watch movies, series and cartoons. For consumers, costs have been drastically reduced when compared to […]

German dependence on Russian gas and the risk of supply disruption

The war between Russia and Ukraine has revealed many side effects besides the destruction of Ukrainian territory and the countless loss of life. The West’s stance in favor of Ukraine and against Russia has raised doubts about the fate of trade relations between the countries. Despite the political disagreement, Russia is today the biggest supplier […]