Las Nuevas Monedas

Las nuevas monedas son un tema muy popular entre los inversores y comerciantes. Hay muchas razones por las que las personas están interesadas en invertir en nuevas monedas, especialmente en aquellas que se lanzaron recientemente. Algunas de estas razones podrían ser: Creen que la nueva moneda tendrá éxito y se apreciará rápidamente; Quieren invertir en […]

Cryptocurrency company detects theft of more than $190 million

Earlier this August, cryptocurrency company Nomad suffered a cyber attack that cost $190 million. The company only stated on Twitter that it was “aware of the accident” and would investigate. In fact, the information was provided by the company PeckShield, which researches cryptocurrencies. Theft and developments The theft that cost nearly $200 million worth of […]



Cardano Cardano was launched in 2017. It is a blockchain platform that uses a fraction of the energy of Ethereum and Bitcoin, processes transactions faster, and has mapped out five stages that will lead to the ultimate goal: becoming a truly self-sustaining decentralized system. Developers can even host other apps and digital currencies on the […]


Polkadot The main feature of Polkadot cryptocurrency is communication. Cryptocurrencies tend to operate on their own and generally cannot transfer coins or share information with each other. Polkadot cryptocurrency is designed to allow communication between different blockchain networks. This means that Polkadot can be used to connect different cryptocurrencies and allow them to interact with […]