Game can help recovery from cerebrovascular accident 

Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) is the medical emergency that kills the most in Brazil and causes disability in the world. Stroke results from a change in blood flow in the brain, caused by an obstruction of blood vessels (ischemic stroke) or by a rupture of the vessels (hemorrhagic stroke).  Seeking to help in the effective recovery […]

Tesla invests in sustainability with virtual power plant in Japan

Tesla invested in sustainability by creating a virtual power plant in Japan, which values innovation and new ways of using energy. Last Friday, the company said it was installing a type of battery in homes on Miyako-jima island, called Powerwall. For now, the technology is also present in California and Australia. According to research, this […]

Use of TikTok in Brazil

Research shows that TikTok is the most used social network by children and adolescents in Brazil. A survey was carried out by the Regional Center for Studies for the Development of the Information Society ( to catalog and understand the profile of users aged 9 to 17 who use the Internet in Brazil.  The survey, […]

NASA’s Artemis 1 lunar mission is ready for launch next week

Next Monday (29), NASA will launch the Artemis I mission, starting the ambitious project of returning to the Moon and placing the first permanent base on another celestial body.  Even if unmanned, Artemis I is essential to the program, as it will be used to test essential technologies for future missions, such as the Orion […]

Apple sued again for anti-competitive practices

Apple’s stance on the exclusivity of its products and services is nothing new. Systems developed for devices are generally only compatible with each other, which is part of the company’s macro policy. So it’s not the first time that underlying companies that want to make their products available to users of Apple’s products, like the […]

Netflix rethinks strategies after drop and increases investment in production franchises

Netflix has revolutionized the way of consuming entertainment around the world in the recent past. The movement has disrupted the complexity of Hollywood, established decades ago and thought to be untouchable. The streaming service has become the new way to watch movies, series and cartoons. For consumers, costs have been drastically reduced when compared to […]

Can computer systems be rational and humanized?

The transformation of computers into rational and humanized technological systems is one of humanity’s great questions.  Recently, Blake Lemoine, former employee of Google, exposed a document mentioning some dialogues he had with Google’s chatbot. The chatbot, as he explained, is a style of WhatsApp or messaging apps, where the interlocutor is the machine itself. It […]

What is Metaverse? Understand the concept once and for all

You’ve probably heard about the term “Metaverse”. But what does that really mean?  The Metaverse represents a new concept of interaction, which takes place in a shared three-dimensional world. Everything happens online. Metaverse users explore and interact with content and with others through avatars. According to Wikipedia, the term “Metaverse” was born in 1992, inspired […]

The Business Intelligence (BI) and its connection to financial investments

The perception of the need for financial education has grown a lot in recent years. It was in this context that the term Business Intelligence (BI) emerged. As a result, according to Instituto Locomotiva, about 41% of Brazilians have increased their research into the topic.  But what exactly is BI and how important is it […]