Buying a stock is easy, but buying the right stock without a time-tested strategy is incredibly hard. So what are the best stocks to buy now or put on a watchlist? Below you can see a list of stocks that can value up to 500%

There are literally thousands of publicly traded companies you can invest in, not to mention the many exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds you can buy, so it’s not surprising many investors don’t know where to begin. And, with the recent market downturn, there are plenty of stocks trading for significantly less than they were just six months or a year ago.

While I don’t have a crystal ball that tells me what stocks will deliver the best returns, I’ve tried to do the next best thing here. In this article, I’ll discuss 10 stocks that I think could be great buys in 2022 for long-term investors looking to put their money to work.

Before we get to the stocks you’re here for, let’s acknowledge three caveats:

Choosing the best stocks to buy today (and away) heavily depends on your personal financial situation. To get a feel for where you stand, read our guide on how to invest in stocks. It walks you through topics such as establishing an emergency fund, allocating assets, and when it makes sense to buy stocks.

With its strong market position and bright outlook, Apple is a great choice for investors who are looking for the best stocks to buy today. However, before making any investment decisions, you should always consult with a financial advisor to ensure that the stock is a good fit for your personal financial situation.I like these stocks as long-term investments. I have absolutely no idea what they’ll do over the next few weeks or months. In fact, if inflation stays elevated longer than expected or the U.S. falls into a recession, it’s entirely possible that most or all of these could decline in the near term.
While I ensured some variety, the list below isn’t meant to be a fully diversified portfolio. Instead, they’re my highest-conviction stocks to outperform in 2022 and beyond. The best one-step way to diversify your holdings is to build the core of your portfolio around something like the Vanguard Total World Stock Index.

If you’re starting on your investing journey (or if you want a sanity check), please read through our how to invest in stocks guide. It goes through all the basics from how to get started to how to determine your personal investing strategy to how much of your money to invest in stocks.

Although I’m bullish on each of these stocks and have given you a little information on each, they might not be the best choices for investors who don’t yet have established and diversified portfolios. If you’re just getting started, you’ll also want to see the 15 best stocks for beginners.

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